Sunday, December 12, 2004

JCA and Spring

At the moment, Spring doesn't offer support for JCA ( Java Connector Architecture ). A support of JCA can be helpful in order to hide the use of CCI ( Common Client Interface ) API, to integrate with the IoC container of Spring and to use the AOP framework. The aim is offer facilities to use it:

  • Configuration of ConnectionFactory in a managed ( get from JNDI ) and in a non-managed mode ( configure as a bean )

  • Conversion from Record to Object / Object to Record

  • Declarative of transaction configuration ( local and global transactions ) with interceptors

  • Use of CCI with template and objects

  • The idea is then to extend the framework to different EIS to integrate them easier in J2EE applications. For example, with CICS, communications are based on a COMMAREA ( table of bytes ), so it could provide classes to work on table of bytes instead of Record and a data mapper to transform object to COMMAREA / COMMAREA to object.

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    Steve Lewis said...

    Hey Theirry, great stuff! I'm going to link to your blog from mine, at I have a few things on JCA, as I try to put my thoughts together.